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Friday, January 26, 2007

Napoleon Killed by Stomach Cancer?

Napoleon died Bonaparte of a gastric cancer advanced rather that the arsenic envenenamiento, since some had speculated, the scientists of the opinion.

Comparing historical accounts with modern pathological methods and of the tumor-parking, the study refuted the theory that Napoleon died of the envenenamiento and the arsenic points to the gastrointestinal drain like the immediate cause of his death.

The man who dominated to much of Europe in diecinueveavo early century died in age 52 in exile Briton-imposed in St. Helena in the Atlantic of the south, in where he banished after its defeat in the battle of Waterloo. Per decades, the scholars have discussed how Bonaparte solved his early death the 5 of May of 1821.

The autopsy and the conclusion of its personal doctor, Francesco Antommarchi, indicated that Napoleon died of cancer of the stomach. But the veracity of the report of Antommarchi was asked in 1961, when the high arsenic levels were found in the hair of Napoleon. Finding raised many theories of the conspiracy, the treason and the envenenamiento. According to these demands, previous the French emperor was poisoned to prevent a return to the energy if he saved exile.

But with the tumor in a stage very outpost, the days that fought irremediably of Napoleon raises, an equipment of the E.E.U.U., the investigators of the Swiss and the Canadian disclose in clinical gastroenterology and Hepatology of the practice of the nature.

Roberto Genta, professor of the pathology and the internal medicine in the university of Roofing tiles to the southwest, and colleagues compared present images of 50 benign ulcers and of 50 gastric cancers whereupon Antommarchi she described like ?ulcerada gastric injury with the hardened borders, irregular that covered the stomach from cardia to the pilorica region.? ?Of this comparison that we concluded that the description of the injury of Napoleon was highly constant with the gastric cancer ulcerado,? to investigators he wrote.

Using a method and modern data of the tumor-parking from 135 gastric patients of the cancer, the equipment of Genta found that Napoleon had T3N1M0 at least, or the stage IIIA, gastric cancer. In fact, the autopsy and other accounts indicated that the cancer was great, the lymph nodes were present around the stomach, and there were no distant growth.

Even today, with the availability of the techniques and the sophisticated, patient surgical chemotherapies with the gastric cancer so advanced as Napoleon it has a poor prognosis,? said Genta in a sent declaration to the pressure. Although the father of Napoleon died of cancer of the stomach, the investigators think that a hereditary disposition to the disease was improbable. Something, the tumor was probably caused by a chronic infection of the p?loros, the Genta and the colleagues of concluded bacteria H.

The bad military put on a diet based on salt-preserved foods, and little in fruits and vehicles, she would not have helped. The new analysis matches a study of 2005 Swiss that dismissed the popular notion that Napoleon was obese at the time of the death - an improbable condition for a patient of the cancer of the stomach.

The examination of 12 pairs of trousers used by Napoleon between 1800 and 1821 down demonstrated that to Bonaparte thinned drastic in the six final months of its life, losing almost 5 inches of its waist and more than 24 pounds - to load the loss that would be constant with a diagnosis of the gastric cancer. ?This is a great study. Like forense pathologist and criminalistic, I see the result of this paper like perfect doctor-historical-foren reconstruction, Richard Dirnhofer, forense expert of the medicine of Bern, Switzerland, said the news of the discovery.


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